My name is Bill Vitanyi, owner of Bayla Publishing, designer of the BaylaDex, and author and publisher of several books. In my career I have cleaned toilets, worked in a factory, built nuclear submarines, and worked as a computer programmer. My degree is in Russian Language.

Bayla Publishing is an independent publishing company dedicated to the premise of passionate promotion. I will do my best to entertain and inform you, and I appreciate your visit.

Bayla Bits


Every book you write or publish teaches you a lesson. My first book, Palm Sunday, taught me the value of outlining. This lesson emerged after one of my characters played a pivotal role several chapters after his own death.

In addition to assuring that the dead remain dead, outlining lets an author always know what they are writing towards. Keep the dead, dead. Outline.

Write and Get Paid


If you like to write articles about almost anything, and want to make money for your efforts, then HubPages may be for you.

Hubpages is a writing community where you author articles and get paid.

I use HubPages for short articles, or hubs. You can see a summary of them on the Articles page on this site. Click the pic to go to our Articles page and read more about making money for your writing.

The BaylaDex


Sometimes you just want access to plain text information organized in a simple database on your phone or tablet.

With the BaylaDex you create content as plain text information and organize it into Items within Categories. Easily create, organize, and retrieve information in a user friendly app that does not send data to the cloud

Share data with others with or without encryption, and even create content on your PC for import into your BaylaDex. Built-in FTP function is included. Click photo for more info.

Free Kindle Reading App

Even if you don't have a Kindle device, you can get a free Kindle app for your PC or smart phone or tablet. Get one today, and read books anywhere!

Publish for Kindle

Publish for Kindle

Do you want to take it to the next level? Instead of just reading books, do you want to write them? If so, here is a great reference for writing and publishing for Kindle. At $2.99 it's a bargain with lots of excellent information from how to create an eBook for Kindle, to marketing, to author website design, and more. This book is not published by Bayla Publishing, but we sure like it.

Web Tools for Writers

Carla Behr

Looking for some help writing? This article by Hubpages journalist Carla J. Behr will introduce you to some free writing tools available online.

Andy Dick Moment

Andy Dick

When Andy Dick visited Edinboro University of Pa, something unusual happened while in the arms of the owner of Bayla Publishing.

Was it a Sharknado?

Fallen Marine

Iwo Jima

Marines of F Company, 2nd Battalion, 26th Regiment, 5th Division advancing under fire on Iwo Jima. This was my Uncle's unit, who was killed in action two weeks after this photo was snapped. I came across it in the book Iwo Jima, by Eric Hammel.

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima

This book by Eric Hammel includes a photograph of my uncle's Marine company in action on Iwo Jima. This is a great book with incredible detail and many photos. It goes into depth about specific unit movements for nearly every day of the month-long battle. Bayla recommends.

Facebook Pages

Whether it's to feature your company, your book, your app, or your family, Facebook Pages is a great place to communicate with the world. Check out the Bayla Publishing Facebook Page for articles, information about our books and apps, or for links of general interest about technology, publishing, apps, or related topics. Like us if you do!

Books from Bayla

Kindle Books

Writing and publishing are journeys, offering challenges and lessons. In all cases Bayla strives to present the best in literary entertainment, whether it is technological fiction, office humor, or spicy romance.

Click on the cover below to visit the Kindle page for each book, or select the book from the top menu for more information, including an excerpt and author message.

From Bayla for Kindle:
Technology, Humor, Romance

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday
$2.99 for Kindle

In this techno-thriller, a hidden agency is secretly data mining all online communications to create a "societal profile". This snapshot of the national conversation is the result of scooping up virtually everything communicated online by everyone. If you send it, they store it.

Office Wellness

The Official Guide
to Office Wellness
$2.99 for Kindle

100 office workers pose on, over, and in their desks and cubicles to demonstrate animal-inspired techniques designed to alleviate office maladies. Winner of an IPPY for humor.
Gift one to your favorite office worker!

Massage Therapy

Secrets of a
Massage Therapist
$4.99 for Kindle

The mysterious world of massage therapy is the backdrop for this humorous, sizzling story of new love. Angie, a professional massage therapist, encounters Marcus, a writer of mystery novels. Sparks fly as they are tested by dark characters in both their lives. Caution: contains spice! Written by a professional massage therapist.

Office Humor

$2.99 for Kindle

Cubicle humor with a twist. State worker Clint Palmer has spent far too much time in the box, and his cubicle weariness has now been honed to razor sharp indifference. Then one day he learns of a grant that could fund his dream company, but to qualify he must get fired from the State.